Why Pet Dogs Always Follow Their Owners

Why Pet Dogs Always Follow Their Owners

Depending on your mood, a dog that follows you everywhere can be annoying or adorable.

This behavior is also confusing if you are not a pet behavior expert.

So, what is the real reason when pet dogs always follow their owners?

Quoted from Mental Floss, Saturday (07/11/2020), most experts agree on several reasons why some dogs are always around their owners.

One of them is their mentality. Dogs may have been domesticated thousands of years ago, but they still consider themselves to be part of groups like their wild ancestors.

When there are no other dogs around, then humans will be their companion. According to Reader’s Digest, this genetic instinct also motivates dogs to pay attention to you carefully and look for your physical touch.

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Emotional ties

The second reason for this behavior has to do with the bond between you and your pet.

As the vet Dr. Rachel Barrack told the American Kennel Club, puppies aged 6 months can imprint on their human owners as well as on their own mothers.

Even older dogs will be attached to humans in their lives who show concern and affection for them. In this case, a dog will overshadow its owner because he sees them as objects of trust and security.

A final explanation might be why your dog follows you has more to do with your care for them than their natural instincts.

The most popular training tactic is positive reinforcement – which is to reward dogs with gifts and praise when they engage in positive behavior. The point is to help your dog associate good behavior with gifts, but after a while, they might start to associate your presence with gifts. That means if your dog follows you, they might look for snacks or attention.

The dog that follows you always might be annoying, but usually it’s not a sign of a bigger problem.

If there is, that means your dog sees you positively. So enjoy extra friendship ties with your pet.

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